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Pure, unadulterated facts and health resources. Empowering messages and stories. If you want to live with authenticity, with contentment and STOP the madness in your life, stop searching. Bookmark this site.   THIS is YOUR new home.

My Mission and Purpose.

“To educate and empower people to achieve abundant health and happiness by living consciously, authentically and most importantly, maintaining a healthy nervous system.  I will help turn your vision of optimal function into a reality with the realization that you have the power to heal yourself, prevent disease and achieving balance in all areas of life.”

Conscious Resolutions for A Better Year!

As seen in January 2017 issue of Green Living AZ Magazine:
Dr. Melanie talks about creating a healthy mindset for success on all levels! Click HERE to read the article!

One on One with Dr. Melanie

The Physique of Health. 

Healthier body composition. More energy.

Powerful lasting results with Dr. Melanie’s customized program.


Ayurveda: The “Science of Life” from Ancient India. Dr. Melanie integrates principles from the oldest system of healing.

Welcome to The Naked Truth by Dr. Melanie! This is a raw, unadulterated website from which I speak my naked truth. It will feed your brain, stimulate your senses and lead you to connect with your own inner voice- in other words, live consciously and healthier! We are just TOO BUSY to figure this all out by ourselves. So let me help you. You will find useful tips, motivational and research backed information to help you realize you CAN live a better life. I’ve taken note of the many “frequently asked questions” directed to me by patients over several years and here is the platform upon which I will happily share my wisdom! You will also get to know me, the chiropractor, the woman, the animal lover, the adventurer, and the survivor. I will share my secrets on how I manage my stress, slow the aging process and more! If I can Inspire, Empower and Activate you to journey with me down this road to better health and function, then this website served you well. When I can break from active practice, I travel on journeys of self discovery, reflection, exploration and enlightenment. I interview experts in natural health and also medicine men, native doctors, intuitive healers and bodyworkers to learn and experience their healing rituals and practices. So, please follow my blog as I continue to share these experiences!

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