Many people view doctors just as doctors. In fact, we’re just as human as everyone else; facing the same trials and tribulations of life. If we don’t achieve balance and live in balance how are we expected to help our patients, no matter what discipline of health care we practice? Many of you reading this can relate when I say my life didn’t quite turn out as I expected. But back in the day when I envisioned my future I wasn’t the person I am today. Certain life changing events and realizations led me down a path to connect with myself at a soul level and develop an understanding of my actions, thoughts and desires without guilt or judgment. During this process, I believe the Universe brought certain people into my life to give me strength, guidance and support to help make some difficult and challenging decisions and pave my way to fulfillment. I’m just now arriving at a place of realization that I need to do what’s best for me first and that would ultimately be what’s best for others, as long as my decisions come from being true to myself are made with  love.

Change is difficult, sometimes uncomfortable as we are forced to step out of our comfort zone, our routine. Which is why many people I believe, don’t find the strength to take that plunge and develop the confidence that all will be well when the dust settles. So they live in a less than fulfilling comfort zone, meeting everyone’s demands except their own and plow through their daily routine, going through the motions. I’ve seen many patients who are doing just that. How often do we stop and think of what really makes us happy besides paying off a loan or getting that promotion? I woke up one day and decided I did not want to look back during the last years of this life with regrets of what I didn’t do or accomplish.

I believe that living a full life means not being afraid to take those difficult steps to  change and evolve. It requires a conscious effort to look deep inside for answers, follow your heart versus the chatter in your head.  Our experiences, both good and bad, come with life lessons which we may not learn unless we develop the ability to look deep within. I also believe the people and loved ones we encounter along our journey of life are  our teachers. I learned recently to meditate and to listen to my heart. I’m certainly not perfect at this by any means. But this growth is a process that is leading me to a better place . And as a result, I am better able to make decisions with certainty and move in a forward direction.

I’m not a spiritual guide. I’m not a yogini nor a psychologist. I’m just a human who makes human mistakes and at times, less than conscious decisions but I am excited to be embarking on a journey of personal growth.  I am simply a woman with knowledge, understanding, respect for all disciplines of health both spiritual, mental and physical who is bringing her personal experience, clinical expertise and passion to help you create your best life on all levels.

I feel it would be a disservice to not share this incredible experience and since I absolutely love to share and teach, I sincerely hope my writings will help bring more happiness and fulfillment to those of you who wish to participate in this journey with me.

Happy reading and sharing!


With kindness, love and compassion

Dr. Melanie


“Be the change you wish to see in the world” …….Mahatma Gandhi


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