Are You Having a Mid Year Crisis??

Ok. July is coming to a close.  This means we are well into the second half of the year. Many of you, like me, use the halfway mark to do a self-check to see how you’re doing.  For some of us, it’s a brutal reality check when we discover where we slacked off or in what areas we are still procrastinating.

So my message here is to NOT beat yourself up and feel bad about what you haven’t accomplished (I know, so easy to do sometimes).  Take that negative self-judging approach and turn it into strategic thinking.

Ask yourself what I’m asking myself now: What can I do differently moving forward?  Maybe priorities need to change when it comes to work-life balance.  If you made a New Year’s resolution are you headed for an encore this next January 1st? (How many years in a row do we list the same goals?) If so, NOW is the time to make things happen. I keep a goal journal from year to year and sometimes as scary as it is to check in with it, it’s what gets me fired up in a good way.  And that’s because it’s not just a list of goals. I tie my goals and resolutions to a reward or benefit. How would reaching this one goal of positively impact your life and the lives of those around you? THIS is what gets me back on the horse.

Identify now any bad patterns you’re repeating from last year that are holding you back.  Perhaps you’re still dipping into the freezer for the late night ice cream treat. (Visualize your waistline two inches smaller then see if the freezer door still beckons you.)

Is your credit card still being hit with those auto debits for that gym membership? Calculate how much you paid on average for each workout this year to date (gasp!)

Or maybe you’re still cycling through some dead end superficial relationships when you consciously told yourself you’re ready for something meaningful. (You can then list the qualities and criteria you want in a long term partner and choose not to date anyone who doesn’t meet all of them).

Now, let’s not forget one very important thing: if you have some WINS this year, celebrate and pat yourself on the back! Nothing drives further validation and success better than your own personal wins. Many times we look outside and seek validation and approval from others to feel better about ourselves.

What’s important is to answer to you first and honor yourself. Live up to your own standards and learn to be the primary source of your own happiness. Anyone outside the circle of YOU should just add to that happiness.  So, it’s time: celebrate Christmas in July and give yourself the gift of committing to make things better.. your health and happiness, your relationships, your finances and of course, your inner peace.

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Dr. Melanie

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