Release the Pressure and Just Flow into Spring!

Most of us are guilty of placing unreasonably high expectations on ourselves.  If you felt a little pang of anxiety each time you flipped a page on the calendar this year you are not alone.  Yes, time goes by fast. Yes, the months fly by. Yes, the kids grow quickly. But we can’t stop time. What we can do is cherish it and use it wisely.

Green Living Magazine “Conscious Resolutions”,                         January 2017

Stopping periodically to get into your present space and count your blessings, can keep you from wasting valuable time on counterproductive thoughts and actions. In January, I wrote an article that was published in Green Living AZ Magazine on making Conscious Resolutions for the New Year. You will find 7 tips for consistency to help you stay on course. If I could summarize the key concepts, here they are:

Breath is Life.
Movement is Life.
Gratitude leads to abundance.
Specific strategies can be seen in the article by clicking HERE.

Setbacks. Delays. Unexpected Circumstances.

If you are a planner like I am, a monkey wrench can irritate you and throw you off your game. This month tested my patience since I had a packed agenda, as usual and catching a 24 hour bug was not in the plan. However it reminded me I’m human and circumstances and setbacks challenge our ability to be flexible and adapt.

A path to a winning destination. Stay on course! Sintra, Portugal

Spring starts March 20th and just like the New moon next week, it signifies renewal, new beginnings and fresh starts. So, if you experienced some setbacks already this year and strayed off  course it’s never too late to turn it back around.

Failure may not be an option but at the same time, failure is vehicle to learn, grow and strategically re-set your path for bigger wins!

Take it one step at a time and exercise patience.
Never rush or force anything that doesn’t feel completely right.
Listen to your gut.
Speaking of gut, stay tuned for my Spring Detox article next month!

It’s a new season and a New Moon. Time to close out old business, evaluate current matters and position yourself for new growth, beginnings and opportunities next month!

My News and Events:

Radio Interview on Food for Health: Monday April 3, 2017 I will be interviewed live on Radio Phoenix 12pm to 1pm on Food Corner about the uses of food for healing and prevention, Ayurvedic Medicine, spring detox and since the weather is warming up – pre and post workout nutrition and muscle recovery. Please tune in if you have a break during that hour!

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Happy and Healthy Spring!

Dr. Melanie


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