Detox is a Dirty Word! (Part 1 of 4)

Detox is a Dirty Word. Is it? Perhaps when you think of what comes out of your body during detoxification, or how you can feel during a detox. I’m going to shed some clarity on this process and share my tips on how you can re-create a healthier you on all levels.

Here it is! My new series just on time for the Spring Season! This love-hate relationship many of us have with our bodies can sometimes be resolved with coming to grips with what’s going inside, physically, mentally and emotionally. Clearing the slate, purging, detoxing, (whatever your term) is a way to restart your internal thermostat and renew yourself.

Our bodies absorb more toxins in this modern day world than our major detoxification organs (lungs, liver and kidneys) can possibly eliminate.  The perpetrators from our environment, the food we eat and the products we place on our skin and scalp (hair treatments) accumulate over time wreaking havoc on our health and cause disease.

So when we think of detoxing as a way of eliminating all those nasties, we think, pain, inconvenience (being stuck in the bathroom), starvation and misery.  It could be seen as a necessary “evil” however cleaning out can be accomplished with minimal inconvenience and maximum results. I will share the details of my own approach (the “How to”) in a future article but first it’s important to understand the “Why Do It?”, the “Who Should do it?” the “When to Do It?” and “What Happens?” during a cleanse.

My term is Cleanse.
Yes, I prefer to call it a “Cleanse” since it has a gradual, gentle connotation versus the harsh, painful association of the other term.

  • Signs Telling you It’s Time to Clean House:
  • You have having less than 1-2 bowel movements per day.
  • Difficult bowel movements.
  • Bloating.
  • Gaining weight, expanding waistline (belly bulge).
  • Allergies.
  • Chronic pain – joint and spine degeneration.
  • Headaches and migraines.
  • Fatigue and Low Energy Episodes at various times of the day.
  • Skin Irritations.
  • Heavy coating on the tongue – sign of undigested food and toxins.
  • Loss of Hair or Early Graying.
  • Hormonal symptoms – menopausal, pre-menstrual syndrome, andropause.
  • Sleep disturbances.
  • Brain Fog – unclear thinking, poor short term memory.
  • Focus Issues.
  • Depressive thoughts and lack of motivation.
  • Repeated Negative thoughts and patterns.
  • Attention Deficit.
  • And here’s ONE MORE REASON you may not have considered: You are still not holding improvement after a reasonable number of multiple physical medicine sessions: chiropractic, physical therapy, massage therapy, acupuncture, personal training etc. Blood sugar dysregulation, leaky gut, adrenal dysfunction and other common metabolic disorders prevent successful healing and repair. Blood sugar issues are linked to tinnitus, TMJ syndrome, chronic pain and more. I have seen it myself, those patients who commit from the inside out, achieve even better results from my therapies administered from the outside in!

Who Should Be Cleansing?

  • Anyone diagnosed with autoimmune disorders.
  • History of metabolic diseases.
  • Those under high amounts of stress and increase demands – people on the go!
  • Those who dine out or take out on a regular basis.
  • Everyone. Yes, everyone!  The environment we live in today provides an onslaught of everyday exposure to chemicals, many of which we cannot smell nor see. Plastic exposure, the pesticides sprayed near your office and in your neighborhood, and much more play a role in the silent demise of your health. Unfortunately, we do not have complete control over our environment.  But there are some things we can do to minimize exposures and reduce effects and I will share them with you in a future article.

When to Do it and How Often.There’s no perfect time to cleanse, especially if you are the busy on the go type. There’s no perfect time to get sick either. So, with that said, a commitment to repairing your health and reducing your risk of disease means owing yourself some valuable self-care from the inside out!

According to Ayurvedic Medicine (the science of self-healing from Ancient India), the best time to cleanse is when the seasons change. The science is based on living in harmony with your environment and its root approach to health lies in maintaining a healthy digestive fire (or energy). Spring and fall are transitional seasons when the old is eliminated and the new begins. Most of us clean out the clutter, purge our closets and rid ourselves of unwanted stuff though donation, garage sales or disposing and recycling during the spring.

We’re busy cleaning our homes on a regular basis. Why not clean out the most important home? You know- the one that goes with you everywhere? The one you can’t replace?

I usually recommend a cleanse two to three times a year: The most popular times for most of my patients are Spring- to prepare for warmer season and for those who are concerned about their beach body and of course post-holiday winter months (Jan/Feb). Once you have benefitted from a targeted cleanse under the supervision of your doctor, a maintenance cleanse every 3-4 months is a good idea. However, it is best to check with your doctor or seek a functional medicine specialist for a thorough systems-based approach. It’s important to address the cause of your complaints.

Your health doesn’t come in a bottle.
Popular detox and fast cleanse programs advertised do not take into account your unique physiology and health status and may cause additional problems. Please seek the advice of a health professional to do this safely and effectively.

My Radio Interview on Food for Healing and Cleansing:
Earlier this month I was interviewed on Food Matters, an online radio show at Radio Phoenix hosted by Dr. James C. Moore. I talked about the benefits of food as a first choice for healing, Ayurvedic Medicine and how it ties in with nervous system health in chiropractic. I share my story of what led me down the path of chiropractic and eventually the integration of lifestyle and functional medicine. You may click the following link to listen to the recording! I hope you enjoy it!

Coming up in this series:

Part Two: What Happens to your Brain, Gut, Liver and Tissues When you Cleanse? You will want to know this in order to understand why it’s important for your longevity.

Part Three: Environmental Toxicity and the Hormone Overload!  This could be a reason why you may be estrogen dominant!

Part Four: Detoxing (oops!) Cleansing Made Easy. My simple steps to a healthy, simple cleanse process before you seek professional guidance.

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Wishing you health, abundance and new, fresh beginnings this Spring!

Dr. Melanie

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