So Much Time and So Much Happened.

“It’s about time I post an update!”

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I know I didn’t post in October! I’m in the process of getting caught up from a very busy summer that well, didn’t quite go smoothly. In fact it stunted my productivity. Due to a gradual recovery from frozen shoulder and elbow tendinitis, keyboarding is still the most fatiguing task. So during that time I got creative and reflective and took a 360 aerial view of my life and businesses. Redesign in action! There are some exciting new developments, some I have yet to announce!  But here’s the latest news…. My Natural Hair Skin and Nails Blog: If you scroll down my blogroll, the nails portion is done and published! I talk about restoring nails from manicure treatments, warning signs in your nails about your health and the Ayurveda of nail health.  If you are following me on social media (especially Instagram @drmelaniedias) you know I am working on the Natural Hair part of this series right now and showing you my journey to repair and replenish my own hair! I hope to finish the whole series within a couple of months so if you are not yet subscribed to this blog, please do,so you don’t miss out! The Online Shop is Open! My eBooks are now available for direct purchase on my site “Stress Secrets” and “Go With Your Gut” You can also find them on Amazon Kindle but my prices are lower here! And these ones will soon be up on the store: “Detox is a Dirty Word” (yes, just on time for post holiday therapy) and the Natural Nails eBook (title TBA).  I am also personally selecting products for my store which I believe are beneficial to your health and well-being. Most of them I have reviewed and used personally or with patients. And I’m continually updating it. Click my SHOP to start browsing the categories!  My YouTube Channel: “Naked Truth by Dr. Melanie” is starting to grow! I’m working hard to create video content for you. Please subscribe and hit the notification bell so you will know each time I upload. I already have the “healthy nails” videos on the channel and you can find the playlist that interests you! (demos, travel, natural beauty, testimonials etc) Click my YouTube icon on my home page or click HERE to subscribe!  Ancient Techniques Reintroduced into my Practice: I’m getting even better results when I integrate Marma Point Therapy into wellness sessions, especially for those who are stressed. (Ok, who isn’t?)  Ayurveda is the Ancient Science of Self Healing from India and marma point therapy is its cornerstone therapy technique. The 107 major marma points are vital energy points located over lymph nodes and the intersection of five anatomical structures: blood vessels, ligaments, muscles, nerves and bones. Stimulating them balances the three doshas or mind-body types (vata, pitta, kapha). I’m seeing great results for anti-aging, headaches, racing minds, stress and sleep. Marma point therapy has a long history dating back to war which makes it more fascinating! So, how are marma points part of a healing technique when they were once involved in a combat strategies?  I will be explaining this in simple terms and sharing more in future articles! ….Ayurveda 101 coming! Cupping Therapy: Cupping therapy using RockPod Technique allows greater decompression while incorporating active movement by the patient to really drain congestion in tissues. The result? I’m seeing patients with longstanding stiffness and pain finally get relief. Watch this brief treatment on Christen’s shoulder and neck from my YouTube channel: Phoenix Location: (Arcadia District) I have expanded my hours (by appointment): Mon/Tues/Thurs: 2pm-6pm Fridays: 10:30am-1:30pm Wednesdays, I am in Glendale in the afternoons! Online Booking! You can now secure your appointment at either of my offices on my website! In order to make things more efficient for everyone, I integrated a secure booking link for my Phoenix office and telemedicine clients. CLICK HERE TO SEE MY CALENDAR and BOOK YOUR NEXT APPOINTMENT! (Phoenix Location Only) Want to see me in Glendale? Click HERE to check my Glendale Availability and Schedule!  Telemedicine hours are expanded beyond these office hours and vary day to day. Check my Phoenix online calendar and select “telemedicine” to see the times available! NEW PATIENT SPECIALS extended for a limited time! Exam and treatment ONLY $75 (reg $150) expires 11.30.18  12/14/18 FREE CONSULTATION I offer a complimentary exploratory 15 min discussion over the phone to see if my services will be beneficial for you and to put a voice to my name! (Call 480.447.9205) Please visit my website for details: OTHER SERVICES TO HELP YOU RESTORE YOUR HEALTH Chiropractic Adjustments, Gua Sha and Manual Soft Tissue Therapy, Cold Laser Rehabilitative Conditioning (Postural training and post injury/surgery), Functional Medicine, Ayurveda

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“The first step is the biggest one and it can change your life forever. The reality is, health is a journey. Guidance given properly and instinctively makes the journey successful and the results, lasting.” Thank you for reading and sharing! Dr. Melanie “Change brings on the opportunity to do what you were too scared to attempt yourself.”…..Enzo D’Alimonte

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