The “New” is NOT Normal

I haven’t made any comments on this “pandemic” situation since the mayhem began several months ago. Until now, I limited the expressions of my thoughts and interpretations to colleagues and friends. With patients, I have been keeping conversations focused more on what they need to do to maintain strong immune systems regardless of this virus or any of the thousands and thousands of viruses we are all constantly living with. 

Last December and January, I traveled through Europe (13 cities in 8 countries) and arrived back in Phoenix, AZ on January 26th, 2020. That day would’ve been my father’s 80th birthday. It turned out it was also the day Maricopa County reported its first “case” of COVID-19. Those travel stories are being published on my other blog Passing through several different environments; crowded trains, festive crowds, parties, and airports, I never got sick once. Nor have I been sick since my return, unless you count two days of jet lag and some mental fatigue of processing seven weeks of incredible memories and blog content. 

In mid-March, I went on a weekend work retreat in Palm Desert, California where I was completely unplugged. On my drive home, my first stop at a Starbucks right outside Arizona was the first odd sign. I witnessed an unusually long drive-through line and the tables and chairs were stacked inside. Fortunately, they didn’t close the restrooms yet. My assistant advised me on the phone to pick up two weeks of groceries on my way home “just in case”. I noticed retail parking lots jammed on a Monday afternoon. This wasn’t the Phoenix I left behind 2 days earlier and a sick feeling in my gut developed. Hoping I could shake off the bad dream I went home instead and napped. 

But that evening I realized this may be the start of a long, long downhill slide.  

Starbucks, Blythe CA
March, 2020

Over the last several months, I’ve been sifting through the storm of information on this virus, watching, reading, observing the world react with fear to this “pandemic”. Frankly, at times, it made my head spin. Other times it has sent me running to the mountains to work off frustrations. I also had to step back a little to recover from that trip which was soon followed by the sale of my house sale and a relocation (which was annoyingly inconvenient during COVID-19 lockdown restrictions).   

I think by now, you all witnessed or faced a situation that made you scratch your head or triggered a sick feeling in your gut.  If you haven’t yet, then you especially should keep reading. 

I know better (and I should) as a health care professional, but also trying to look through the eyes of someone not in my field, I can’t justify that these mandates and restrictions are in place for the best interest of our health. 


Do any of these sound familiar?

Before I moved, my dog sitter came by to say goodbye. She proceeded to tell me her friend’s elderly mother died of heart failure after a long battle with cardiovascular disease. The hospital called the daughter asking permission to put COVID-19 down as the cause of death, admitting that they receive reimbursement for every COVID-19 documented death. She, of course, was appalled and refused. 

A chiropractic colleague of mine shared with me that his elderly patient who has COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) was advised by his medical doctor that he always needs to wear a mask. He complied. Recently, the patient’s wife called 911 and had him rushed to the hospital because he was turning blue. He almost died. 

My 30 something-year-old banker told me (through a plexiglass window and her mask) that she goes home almost every evening with a headache and by the end of the week she is extremely fatigued, which is unusual for her. 


They Counted Seven Cases for one Individual.

Another patient tested positive during a companywide testing initiative. His employer asked for repeat tests. He was tested another two times and was counted as three positives. When asked how many people he lives with. He replied, “my wife and three children” They recorded another 4 automatically for health and human services statistics. Total: 7 positive cases in Maricopa County, based on one individual tested. 

And yet another patient reported to me she signed in, then waited in line to get tested. She gave up on the long wait and went home untested. A couple of days later she was called and notified she tested positive for COVID-19. 

And they are basing case numbers on a testing methodology that yields several “false positives”. (See video reference below). I’m sure you have a COVID-19 story too. Feel free to share in the comments below.


So, the virus doesn’t float at the dining tables?

Why I Refuse to Shop at Sprouts.

County and City Proclamations allow medical exemptions for those of us who cannot wear a face covering. However, there are businesses like Sprouts Farmers Markets that do not allow these individuals to continue a normal shopping experience. You are firmly asked to leave if you can’t wear a mask. A company that supposedly represents healthy food and lifestyle is operating in hypocrisy. So, I boycotted them (and a few other places for the same reason) and stopped recommending any of their products to my patients.  

The positive that came out of this is my re-discovery and a greater appreciation for local farmer’s markets.  It’s refreshing to see smiles on the faces of grateful small businesses and passionate entrepreneurs and support my local communities, even more during these times. And I walk away every week with cleaner, fresher, and healthier sourced foods and products. It’s taken some time but I have established wonderful connections with local businesses (restaurants and services) who not only make accommodations for those who don’t wear masks but also who understand the immune system and stand up for our freedoms.

My dog already started on the antler.
Fresh Finds at the Farmer’s Market.

Where did all the common sense go?

Do you notice today that people make less eye contact with each other? Gone are the days where I heard the laughter and neighborly conversation in grocery store aisles. Fewer smiles are exchanged, some replaced with nervous glances between individuals, fearing another shopper is getting too close with her cart and glares at others who are smiling, laughing, and breathing normally without a face covering. Instead, I see agitation, angry, frustrated people, more aggressive drivers, and more errors by masked service people. This is what happens when the brain is deprived of sufficient oxygen and cortisol surges from stress become a long-standing problem. 

Watching servers perspiring behind their masks as they take orders and deliver food to your table while gasping for breath is not appetizing to me, nor conducive to digestion. It pains me to watch them. When I ask, the fear-driven restaurant owners explain they can’t afford to lose their liquor license or get fined. It’s a sad and tough position for them, but the impact on their health or an OSHA violation is more detrimental than a lost liquor license or county fine. 

June, 2020

Let’s be serious. By now, we all have witnessed people playing with their mask, adjusting it, crumpling it up, or shoving it in their pockets or bags. Recently, I watched as a man dropped his mask in a parking lot. Without hesitation, he picked it up and put it right back on his face before entering the post office, without a thought. Did he know what he just did?  

I cringe when I see parents putting masks on their little children and constantly trying to adjust it so it fits snugly over faces. If they can only understand that the strength of children’s immune systems far surpasses those of adults. They are the demographic most protected from any viral threat to the immune system.

They are dangling from rearview mirrors, thrown on a desk in between uses and now I’m seeing stories of “mask pollution” in oceans.  Perspiration from nervous stress or hormonal balances, especially in the summer just breeds more germs which may be more than your body can handle, especially during these stressful times. Beards and irregular skin surfaces due to acne, for example, coupled with a mask create a bigger moisture trap for microbes to flourish.  

If you truly want to know if a mask protects you, I suggest watching Dr. Mercola’s interview with Denis Rancourt Ph.D., a physics professor from Canada. He stated: “Not one random controlled trial with a verified outcome has been able to detect a statistically significant advantage of wearing a mask versus not wearing one when it comes to preventing infectious viral disease.” Watch and decide for yourself. Reference link at bottom of the article. 

At work, I do wear a face cover if I have an immunosuppressed or at-risk patient during face to face encounters. But I also monitor my oxygen saturation and theirs with a pulse oximeter to identify those at risk for a hypoxic event.  


Fresh air and sunshine for the immune system.

Where are the News Stories on Good Nutrition, Adequate Sleep and Exercise? 

Right here on blogs like this one. You won’t find any healthy info on the news, especially not now. In fact, videos and posts advocating for things like getting enough sunshine, Vitamin C get pulled off the social media platforms, as do those of the “truth” doctors who speak out. 

But it’s ok to fill your shopping cart with refined carb-loaded junk food, pastries, sugary cereals, and alcohol. Just wear your mask.  

The list of issues surrounding this pandemic extends well beyond those I mentioned here.  These are my personal and professional experiences. All comments and opinions shared here are solely my own and not those of any affiliations. 

These challenging times have caused significantly more stress to our population globally. The disproportionate attention on this one virus and has triggered an obsessive mentality, leading to further health decline and strained relationships. I’m not discounting the virus exists and I’m greatly saddened over the many who have been afflicted or succumbed to the virus.  I’m also concerned about the many more who have succumbed to the several other diseases out there and those diagnosed with cancer, had a delayed cancer diagnosis due to this pandemic, and those suffering from depression and anxiety as a result of this “pandemic”. We need to turn our attention towards health-promoting practices and away from fear-based ones. Feel free to contact my office at 480.447.9205 for any assistance with support measures to help you!

Do your best to keep your immune system strong, stay in the company of positive people, and use independent research-based information to draw your own conclusions. 

You are in control of your own health. 

If I could recommend one source, it would be Ivor Cummins, a well-respected biochemical engineer from Ireland.  He shares and explains the real, unbiased research through his website, YouTube, and podcasts under the name “The Fat Emperor”. One of his latest videos is here: 

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We need to turn our attention towards health-promoting practices and away from fear-based ones.”  

Use independent research to stay informed and you will manage to stay healthy!

Dr. Melanie


Resources and References:

Why PCR Testing is a bad idea. Dr. Mercola interviews Dr. Judy Mikovitz.

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