Dr. Melanie Dias is a chiropractor, coach, writer, speaker, and educator. She has over 24 years of clinical experience and has spent the last 20 of them focused on functional nutrition, Ayurveda, and lifestyle programs to help patients transform their lives. She currently sees patients at Living Pure Chiropractic & Acupuncture in Glendale, Arizona. 

Her emphasis in practice resides in sports injury care, pregnancy, pediatric, rehabilitation, and functional nutrition. Active individuals and those who are ready to commit to change for a healthier lifestyle, weight loss, hormone balancing, and better performance tend to seek her services.

Dr. Melanie was born in Germany and grew up in Toronto, Canada. Starting ballet classes at the age of three and progressing to intense dance training of all types, piano and competitive baton twirling set the stage for a career in health and fitness. She obtained a Bachelor of Science in Biology at the University of Western Ontario, London, Canada with intentions of going to medical school. However, the medical paradigm was not in sync with her own philosophy of health. At a time where she started visiting nutrition stores, working as a professional dancer part-time, and becoming a self-proclaimed gym rat, her curiosity for another solution to solving health issues led her in other directions. Her discovery of chiropractic was not until her last year of university when an intern in Toronto rescued her from years of chronic headaches and migraines with a chiropractic adjustment and an explanation of the physiology and lifestyle issues that caused these headaches! She was not Tylenol deficient after all and was relieved she didn’t need to continue dumping medication into her body just to function day today.  Sold!! Chiropractic was a perfect fit for her philosophy on approaching health- addressing the cause versus treating the disease. She started working for a local chiropractor, Dr. Daniel Proctor, then made her way to Los Angeles to study chiropractic.

Dr. Melanie is certified in the Webster Technique- a method of aligning the pelvis in pregnant women to facilitate safe, natural birthing), as well as Kinesiotaping.

She has a background in Ayurvedic Medicine- the science of self-healing from Ancient India and completed certification training at the Kerala Ayurveda Academy and focuses on herbology and marma point therapy (certified). Her approach is lifestyle-based, meaning she doesn’t just deliver adjustments and sends patients on their way. Each visit comes with some education to maintain their improvement and eventually get to a place where they are independently functioning at an optimal level naturally.

In 2014 she started blogging and recently, developed a membership program to engage like-minded determined people in a secure online platform for support and customized education.

Her newest blog “Restorative Travels”  helps connect health-seeking travelers to resources, tips and healers in her favorite destinations. 

Dr. Melanie is currently expanding into providing more community talks, workshops, and professional speaking engagements on health-related topics and empowerment. Representing a profession and a healthy, drug-free lifestyle that embraces the art of self-healing and self-improvement is one of her biggest accomplishments. Educating, Inspiring, and Empowering patients to take responsibility and control of their health and watching them evolve into happier, healthier, and more fulfilled beings is her greatest joy in practice! This, to her, is mission accomplished!  The things that bring her personal enjoyment are dancing, being in nature, hiking, weight training, gardening, snapping photos of inspiring moments and beauty, curling up with a good book, playing with her dog, and traveling. She makes a point of exercising daily, and being thankful to the people and the simple things that bring her joy and fulfillment.  She says: “We only have a finite number of days on this earth. It’s pointless wasting several of them being angry, frustrated, and helpless over things we have no control over. Exercise control over your destiny by focusing on the positives and grow from your experiences!”