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What’s in YOUR trunk? Training on the go!

Now that the weather warmed up (at least for us in the Southwest), I realized there is absolutely NO excuse for kicking up my workout levels a notch! Like most people, I always have something to do and occasionally struggle with fitting in a workout as often as I should. Let’s face it, we all have […]

Are you taking a breath? Or catching your breath?

There’s a difference. Taking a breath involves consciously taking in air, filling your lungs using your diaphragm, the flat dome shaped muscle between your chest cavity and stomach cavity. This is also known as diaphragmatic breathing or belly breathing. Catching your breath, on the other hand, mostly happens when we’re stressed, pushing our limits with adrenaline […]

Setting your Intention and Making it Happen!

Mind over Matter…. Have you ever wanted to do something for so long but you never made the time for it? And it could be something many of your friends do without blinking an eye like, oh I don’t know…jogging a mile? Running a half marathon, for example? I’ve been an active person all my […]

Esalen Massage Therapy, Bali Style!

I scheduled myself a 90 minute Esalen massage with the staff therapist, Ngurah Sudana, at Yoga Barn on my fourth day in Bali. After three weeks of lugging around heavy travel bags, I really needed it. And it was worth every Rupiah and more!  Esalen is regarded as the “intuitive” massage and involves long gliding […]

Downward Dog…. with Dog!

I’m no yogini but I love a good stretch and I try to practice the art of just being, even if I have just two minutes in a day!  How often do we actually stop the spin cycle in our minds as we plummet through our daily grind? I’m guilty myself.. a typical Type A, needing to get […]

Welcome to the Naked Truth!

Welcome to my Naked Truth blog! So, why call this website and blog the Naked Truth by Dr. Melanie? For the longest time, I struggled to find just the right title that exemplifies what I am about and the message I want to relay to my readers. My passion is rooted in helping people regain […]