Proper Living Co. Proper Foam Roller – High-Density Foam Roller for Deep Tissue Massage – Physical Therapy Foam Roller – Foam Roller for Soft Tissue & Fascia – Foam Back Roller

This is my favourite foam roller hands down! It’s lightweight, so easy to take along on road trips at least. This roller is firm enough to do the job on the commonly tight muscle groups but also tolerated well by sensitive patients. The mild cupping effect from the surface indentations helps stimulate lymphatic and circulation through the tissues. My patients have been very happy so far!

  • PATENTED DESIGN. The Proper Living Co. Proper Foam Roller is designed with two convex arches and an ergonomic central groove to protect the spine while rolling.
  • DEEPLY MASSAGES. With its convex arches, the Proper Foam Roller offers more specific massage to soft tissue and fascia.
  • SOOTHING. The Proper Foam Roller features a high-density foam surface dotted with indentations that act as mini suction cups to soothe affected tissues.
  • ERGONOMIC. By cradling the area to be massaged, the Proper Foam Roller puts more of the affected area in contact with the roller—which makes foam rolling more comfortable.
  • EASY TO USE. This foam back roller from Proper Living Co. can be used daily to support your range of motion, muscle soreness and tightness, and soft tissue repair.