Many people come to me completely overwhelmed, mainly because over several years, stress and other underlying conditions or situations have caught up with them. They either reached their breaking point because life has spun out of control or they were given a diagnosis with a list of medications…or both. Some patients just need a new start and realized everything they tried in the past only worked while they were doing it. The moment their program or therapy was over, they gradually reverted back to their initial state of dysfunction. So how are you EVER going to get healthier and happier and make it last?

Okay, pull out your journal, your notebook or your tablet.

Step One:  What bothers you? What keeps you up at night surfing the internet for answers? What are the main reasons you seek my advice? Start by making a list of the top 5 health concerns. You don’t need to know the diagnoses. List your most nagging symptoms or bad habits. Beside each, write the approximate date they began. Also try to recall anything out of the ordinary that happened around that time.

Step Two: What Stresses you? Now list the top 5 things or stressors that are negatively impacting your life right now. For example: financial stress, your relationship, your mother in law who recently moved in with you and your spouse etc etc..  Again, beside each write the approximate date these began and any life event or change that occurred around that time.

Step Three: Set your expectations! List what you can and cannot do to reach your goal(s). Then list what you are willing to do and NOT willing to do. (remember these are two separate things). For instance, you can be willing to  swim laps three times per week but you can’t because you have no access to a pool right now. Review the whole thing- everything you wrote down. Can you identify any patterns? Any stressors you have control over? Which ones are out of your control?

In other words, what roadblocks do you think will prevent you from reaching these goals? Record all your thoughts and theories- don’t hold back! I use this information as a baseline tool for helping you design your game plan! Now that you have this valuable information in front of you you are ready to move forward.

Step Four: Activate! Let’s get started! You’re going to need a few things to get you on your path:

1. A handy journal.

2. A printed calendar with fillable spaces for each day. I enjoy all the fun apps out there and I encourage you to use your calendar on your smart phone etc. However, I’m recommending a printout at a glance calendar you will stick on your fridge, your bathroom mirror or any location where it will be in your face.

3. A willingness to FINALLY make a BIG change!

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