Business and Corporations

Too many sick days? Work Comp claims?

Need a corporate morale boost?

Healthier employees make happier employees.... make more productive employees!

 Community Groups

Looking for answers to the most common health problems?

Confused by the plethora of information out there?

Do you just want the facts on how to get started?

Dr. Melanie has spoken to groups small and large: school districts, women’s groups, professional organizations and local community events.
Her passion lies in empowering people to take charge of their health.. and as a result of their lives. Simple ways to bring about BIG changes will be shared with your audience. Getting healthy doesn’t mean you need to undergo a major upheaval in your life.
In addition to corporate and community based presentations, she also speaks at Health and Wellness Seminars, Workshops and Lunch and Learns!

Here is a list of popular speaking topics requested by her clients:

  • Living in a Toxic world- identifying harmful agents in your environments and healthier alternatives.
  • Healthy Fats, Healthy Cholesterol,
  • Reducing Diabetic Risks and Managing Blood Sugar levels and Diabetes
  • Stress! Managing your Stress and Developing Healthy Ways to Adapt to Unavoidable Stressors!
  • Losing Weight Safely Without Gaining it Back.
  • Fatigue in the Workplace:10 tips to combating fatigue and improving concentration
  • Ergonomics: Safe Standing, Safe Sitting, Safe Workspace to reduce risk of chronic pain and injury.
  • Standing on the Job: Strengthening and Supporting Joints and Your Back
  • Effective and Smart Lab testing options to Identify Risk factors for Disease and Illness.
  • Physical Exercises at the Workplace to Boost Energy and Limber Up the Joints in One Minute!
  • Smart lunch ideas at the workplace- prevent afternoon fatigue and weight gain!
  • Staying motivated, focused and alert! Ways to improve brain function for optimal performance

To enquire about having Dr. Melanie speak at your event, please email her directly at  info@nakedtruthbydrmelanie.com or use the Contact Us Form

Please note: Dr. Melanie provides pro bono presentations to qualified organizations based on her availability. If you represent a non-profit organization, please mention this in your email.

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