“Stress Secrets”
Dr. Melanie’s 5 Powerful Stress Management Strategies
copyright June, 2017
Learn exactly what stress is, the triggers, why stress
is good for you and her basic easy to implement steps to
help you adapt to what life throws at you!
She incorporates a few tips from Ayurvedic Medicine!

Kindle Version, only $2.99
On sale now: $1.59

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The Gut-Brain Relationship Explains Chronic Illnesses,
Brain Fog, Depression, Thyroid and Sleep Issues!
Copyright Oct. 4, 2017

Dr. Melanie puts this powerful relationship into easy to
understand lingo. Any chronic conditions or symptoms
can be explained by the Gut-Brain connection.
Learn what neurotransmitters are and why they are important.
She also covers exercise and the power of intuition.

Kindle Version, only $4.29
On Sale Now: $3.09

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