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Change is Difficult. So, Why Do It?

Everybody wants a life full of happiness, love and fulfillment.  But many are far from it.  They feel stuck, trapped in their lives  and go through life on auto-pilot. Sound familiar? We either know someone like this or we, ourselves may have been there at one point. Their happiness is defined by what happens to them […]

“Dear Brain, Please shut down for a while!” 5 preparation steps to quiet your mind.

I talked about my personal experience with meditation in my last blogpost.  Now I share with you a few tips that have helped me get into a routine of quieting my mind, getting centered and re-connecting with myself every day. Here’s my checklist for getting into a meditative groove!   Set your time on a […]

Welcome to the Naked Truth!

Welcome to my Naked Truth blog! So, why call this website and blog the Naked Truth by Dr. Melanie? For the longest time, I struggled to find just the right title that exemplifies what I am about and the message I want to relay to my readers. My passion is rooted in helping people regain […]