Taking the Road Less Traveled.

Many people view doctors just as doctors. In fact, we’re just as human as everyone else; facing the same trials and tribulations of life. If we don’t achieve balance and live in balance, how can we expect to help our patients, no matter what discipline of health care we practice?  But back in the day when I envisioned my future I wasn’t the person I am today. Life changing events and self-realizations can lead you to connect with your true self at a deep level. I believe the Universe brought certain people and events into my life to give me strength, guidance and help me grow. I believe that living a full life means not being afraid to take those difficult steps to change and evolve. It requires a conscious effort to look deep inside for answers, follow your heart, listen to your body and not the chatter in your head.

I’m not a spiritual guide. I’m not a yogini nor a psychologist. I’m just a human who makes human mistakes and at times, less than conscious decisions but I am excited to be embarking on a journey of personal growth.  I am simply a woman with knowledge, respect for all disciplines of health both spiritual, mental and physical who is bringing her personal experience, clinical expertise and passion to help you create your best life on all levels.

I feel it would be a disservice to not share this incredible experience of life, my journey through the aging process and how I navigate through it naturally. I absolutely love to share and teach, so I hope my tools and resources will help bring more happiness and fulfillment for you

Join me on this journey.

Happy reading!

With kindness, love and compassion,
Dr. Melanie

“Be the change you wish to see in the world” …….Mahatma Gandhi