Our Approach:
Immune-Based Care for Optimal Lasting Health

We base our care on this principle: The human body is a self-healing, self-regulating organism. We can be our own most powerful weapons against disease, premature aging and chronic degenerative conditions, when we know how to harness and fuel them.  

We do not diagnose disease, nor treat it. Our approach to care is uncovering and addressing the root causes of illness and implementing a whole person approach using one or a combination of the therapies listed below. Our patients receive secure and private access to us and the benefit of knowing we communicate with their medical physicians for optimal results.

We understand the importance of managing symptoms along the way, while we focus on correction based on careful analyses, necessary testing and attentive consultations.

Even once you meet your goals, your body can slip out of balance and symptoms will again, arise. Your corrective plans and maintenance recommendations are designed to suit your lifestyle, your goals and your level of desired health.

Dr. Melanie believes the power is in the prevention.

She also welcomes new clients and members who have no apparent symptoms and would like to keep it that way.


The Foundation of Health Resides Within You.

Dr. Melanie uses her extensive experience and training to help you achieve results beyond symptom relief. Every session is an educational experience towards developing more control of your body, improved brain function and self-awareness.

Her customized care addresses the roots of dysfunction and integrates modalities for long term, sustainable results. If you like to take an active role in your health, she’s the chiropractor for you!

Learn about chiropractic and Dr. Melanie’s approach HERE. 

The Oldest Form of Medicine for Modern-Day Living.

Ayurveda is based on the science of self-healing in Ancient India, rooted over 5,000 years.

Dr. Melanie has a personal connection with this fascinating lifestyle and medicine practice. Her ethnicity is rooted in India. She has extensive training in Ayurveda and successfully some of these ancient practices into the modern busy lifestyle for her clients. For details on Ayurveda, please visit her page HERE.

The Deep Dive to Restore and Optimize Your Health.

“Give your body what it needs and remove the negative stresses, you will start your healing process”, she says.  Most people, however, know it’s not that simple. We are complex organisms in a complex world. True healing doesn’t happen with targeted symptomatic care. Dr. Melanie uses functional medicine to investigate root causes and dives into your history and lifestyle to design a plan that works with and for you.

Her approach is transparent and she does not sugar coat the reality of the healing journey. At the same time, her guidance and support are tailored to your goals, needs and lifestyle. Learn more about her testing methods and approach HERE.

Finding and Keeping That Balance.

Dr. Melanie’s believes that long-lasting results, sustainable health and improved productivity and happiness are based on our daily habits.
Common challenges addressed: Work-Life Balance, Overwhelm, Prioritizing, Self-Care, Body Image, Aging, and Focus.

Together you will identify and prioritize your goals. She works with you to design a strategy that is customized to work for you. The end result: An optimized lifestyle that yields a vibrantly healthy, productive and fulfilling life!

Learn more about options for in state and out of state/country residents HERE.

Natural Health & Lifestyle




Functional Medicine & Coaching

Corporate Wellness Services

This includes ergonomic evaluations and evaluation or development of current wellness and motivation programs. The objective is to improve productivity and reduce sick time and injuries by creating a healthy office and work from home guidance for your employees. 

Email drmelanie@drmelanied.com if you would like help determining which solution meets the needs of your organization.

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