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Welcome to The Naked Truth by Dr. Melanie! This website is my brainchild of the many years.  I dreamed of creating an educational and empowering resource for everyone to tap into and enrich their lives! It’s the most raw, unadulterated and “just give it to me straight” website which will feed your brain, stimulate your senses and lead you to connect with your own inner voice. In other words… live consciously and just plain healthier!  Now, finally it’s becoming a reality!  You will find an expansive lineup  of tips, ideas, motivational pieces and research backed simple nuggets of info to help you realize you CAN live a better life. (Watch out! I can get technical so feel free to email me or post a blog comment!) I’ve taken note of the many “frequently asked questions” directed to me in practice and outside practice and here is the platform upon which I will happily share with you! You will also get to know me, the chiropractor and the woman, the animal lover, the adventurer the survivor. I will share my own secrets on how I manage my stress, battle and attempt to slow the aging process and more! If I can Inspire, Empower and Activate you to journey with me down the natural road to better health and function then this website served you well.

This December/January I will be embarking on an overseas adventure of self discovery, reflection, education and enlightenment. I will be interviewing local medicine men, native doctors, intuitive healers and bodyworkers to learn and experience their healing rituals and practices. Yes, you will get to witness my own journey as I experience a poignant birthday (I’m turning 45!) and a transformation of my own.  So I invite you to follow my blog as I chronicle the entire experience!  

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