After the Rain, Renew Yourself!

This afternoon’s downpour in Phoenix sent me on a trip into the archives of the best days of my life. The scent of spring desert flowers awakened by the rain brought me back to Bali, January 2015. It seemed like the thunder and water came down and washed all the white noise of stress from my brain. I was taken back to that lush, beautiful island where for nine days my biggest concern was how much more of this love can I possibly soak up before I have to go home?   Well, the dream state didn’t last long because I was then jolted into a reality check that summer will be here and well, ‘what have I accomplished this year so far??’

View from my front porch and Zen Resort, Seririt, Bali
View from my front porch and Zen Resort, Seririt, Bali

If you set goals for the New Year, where are you now with them? Are you still with your program? diet? spiritual practices? I, like most people, can get easily sidetracked by work projects, newfound hobbies or just life!   Of course I’m going to address the number one New Year’s Resolution.  Swimsuit season is around the corner (okay, for those in warmer climates, it’s pretty much here) which gives us very little time to kick start our programs and commitments. Oh, wait, what program? The one you purchased, adopted, created? Did the program not work or did you not work the program?  Or did it not work because you didn’t work it?  Hmmmm…

Ok, let’s not beat ourselves up. It’s time to pull it together, evaluate the scene and set a new game plan for a jump start. Here’s the catch: can you meet your goals within a reasonable time without driving yourself crazy or suffering a disappointing burnout?  If you’re worried about failing, stop right there! Get that out of your mind. Failure is just one avenue to success. And not trying will pretty much guarantee you NO success. Wayne Gretzky said “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”.

Start by listing the reasons you wanted meet that goal in the first place. What’s your motivation? If your goal is to lose weight, I’m hoping your only reason isn’t the aesthetic appeal of being eye candy on a beach somewhere! Let’s also try for lowering risk factors for chronic and deadly diseases.

Stay in touch with my blog and learn a healthier approach to staying on track with your vision. Spring is a season of transition and can stir up a lot of energies and emotions, thanks in part to the winds and pollen counts!  I’m on this journey as well so let’s use this seasonal period as an opportunity to turn a new corner and renew ourselves!


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