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After the Rain, Renew Yourself!

This afternoon’s downpour in Phoenix sent me on a trip into the archives of the best days of my life. The scent of spring desert flowers awakened by the rain brought me back to Bali, January 2015. It seemed like the thunder and water came down and washed all the white noise of stress from […]

Stressed? Wired? Try this Ancient Breathing Technique for Better Health.

Ok. Unless you live off the grid or you chose to crawl into your cave recently, the holiday season IS here.  And this comes with more demands, festive obligations, end of year deadlines ….  need I say more?  Even the fun part of it comes with stress: finding that perfect dress for the office party, finding […]

Are you taking a breath? Or catching your breath?

There’s a difference. Taking a breath involves consciously taking in air, filling your lungs using your diaphragm, the flat dome shaped muscle between your chest cavity and stomach cavity. This is also known as diaphragmatic breathing or belly breathing. Catching your breath, on the other hand, mostly happens when we’re stressed, pushing our limits with adrenaline […]

Put yourself in a “time out”.

We put our kids into a time out when they misbehave.  In many cases, their short isolation period or restraint from doing anything, watching anything, saying anything forces them to wind down a little and pacify their speedy little adrenaline rushes. So, why not us?  A time out from our auto-pilot mania of the daily […]

A Restless Mind Learns How to Meditate.

I thought I was meditating every time I planted myself by my backyard fountain to force a quiet moment in my head. I was actually just thinking…. of everything.  I would seriously tell myself ‘I’m meditating” and then I would go through my to do list in my head. A few times I was tempted […]