The Fat Bomb Pancake

Protein-Pumped Pumpkin Pancakes (The Fat Triple “P”)

Since it’s the season, I threw this together to give myself a little energizing treat before a workout. I made this gluten-free breakfast using my favorite protein powder. You may want to adjust the ingredient ratios according to how runny or thick you like your pancake batter! 2 cups of gluten free flour (I used 1.5 c of Bob’s Red Mill GF flour and ½ c Organic Coconut Flour) 2/3 cup canned pumpkin 1 organic free range egg 2 tblsp organic butter melted ¼ cup protein powder (I used Fit Food Vegan Vanilla from Xymogen) ½ cup unsweetened apple sauce 1 tsp gluten free baking soda ½ cup coconut or almond milk cinnamon to sprinkle 1/4-1/2 c dark chocolate chips (optional) coconut oil, olive oil or organic butter for frying (The Healthy Fats)     Mix all the dry ingredients in a bowl then slowly fold in the pumpkin and apple sauce, melted butter. Add the coconut/almond milk gradually while whisking everything together. If the batter is still too thick for you, gradually slow pour some more almond/coconut milk untild desired consistency.  You can add the cinnamon into the batter or sprinkle on top of the pancakes. Heat your skillet to medium and melt one or more of coconut oil, butter, olive oil. Fry and flip until golden brown. (More butter, more golden!) Chocolate chips can be sprinkled into the batter or sprinkled on top of the finished product! To keep the sugar level down, you can substitute maple syrup with additional unsweetened apple sauce or canned pumpkin. Try to use organic ingredients as much as possible.  I enjoy one of these yummy treats on the side  along with my eggs and veggies for a complete breakfast. If you are curious about how I choose my protein powders for various uses, please post a comment below or contact me directly. Feel free to share with others who would enjoy a healthy harvest treat!  Enjoy!

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