Daily Wellness Planner and Checklist: Daily Health and Productivity Journal

This unique paperback planner includes 52 single days (double-sided undated pages) for you to use on sporadic days or in a sequence of days if you are working towards a goal. The backside of each page includes a blank notes section to freely write, create, or list additional tasks and thoughts. This bullet journal was designed for my coaching clients and members to help them practice self-care while tackling the challenges of everyday living.

  • Plan your DAILY priority tasks and to-do list to stay focused and on track.
  • Record a daily positive message or affirmation to start your day.
  • Stay on top of your Self-Care by creating and checking off your AM and PM rituals.
  • List your Important To-Dos and Appointments.
  • Every day is a step towards your bigger GOALS- You can record tasks needed to meet that monthly goal!
  • Plan your MEALS and check the boxes when you have taken your medications and supplements.
  • Pause during the day and complete the “Mid-day Self-Health Check”
  • Each page comes with a second side for recording your “Light Bulb Moments” or “New Ideas” and a blank notes section for journaling your thoughts, moods, or a brain dump!
  • This planner is perfect for the busy (or overwhelmed) individual who can only plan one day at a time