Your New Year doesn’t have to start January 1st, unless…

Unless you were born on January 1st, consider a “New Year” one that begins on your birth date, not so much on New Year’s Day.  Why not celebrate the accomplishment of “X” number of years you’ve experienced, shared and loved and celebrate the new one about to begin?

The mounting of a new desk calendar, the countdown until the ball drops, shopping for that perfect party dress creates mass excitement and hysteria, which is so much fun!  But coincidentally my birthday lands in the height of this holiday season so stepping outside the holiday mania can be challenging to focus on myself. However, if you have a Christmastime birthday you can relate and you may also agree the holiday season puts you in the mood for reflection anyways.

I’m the quintessential goal setter and strategist (a quality most people born around this time share), so the challenge for me is not to get wrapped up in details and the “could’ve would’ve should’ves “. It’s taken a lot of practice but I’m learning to draw the big picture of present and future (the past is the past- we can’t undo that). As I write this, I’m down to the 7 day countdown to my birthday. I may be a wellness doctor but I’m also a woman facing the typical challenges of aging so yes, that’s right, I’m using the upcoming event of my birthday as an excuse to kick my plan into a higher gear!

Will I drink more water (especially in this cold, dry weather)? Yes! Will I make a commitment to getting to bed at a decent hour to rejuvenate, heal and anti-age? Yes! Will I get my butt to the gym more regularly  to rebuild, despite my crazy work demands? Yes!!!

This year was filled with several lessons and one stands out in a big way. My life coach has repeated this to me more than once: “You need to be the sole source of your own happiness. Anyone else in your life should just add to it.” Profound. And makes sense. So being on my journey of self discovery has given rise to personal growth.

Setting reasonable and small intentions is a good start for a better year. Many people around my age tend to disregard their birthdays as just another day. But as each year passes, I believe the time we have left in this life becomes more precious. You are more in touch with your mortality. So everything you do, eat and think has a greater impact on your health and well-being in the later years.

Everybody is busy being busy. It’s not easy taking time to yourself to look at your life and how you are living it. But if you really want to change things for the better, you would make the time, because you won’t find it. You owe it to yourself and the ones you love who depend on you.

Whenever YOUR New Year begins, use it as an opportunity to step back and look at the big picture of your life, without judgement, without self-criticism. And use that review to take on your challenges and reach your goals with a healthier approach. Break the cycle of living unconsciously and listen to your inner voice. Your answers are within.

Next year I will launch some new, exciting resources to help you slow down your aging process, prevent illness and degeneration and move towards a more conscious approach to healthier living!

I wish for all of you an incredible “New Year” and a joyous, safe and warm holiday season. Be good to you!

Dr. Melanie


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