What’s in YOUR trunk? Training on the go!

Now that the weather warmed up (at least for us in the Southwest), I realized there is absolutely NO excuse for kicking up my workout levels a notch! Like most people, I always have something to do and occasionally struggle with fitting in a workout as often as I should. Let’s face it, we all have excuses why there’s no time for exercise. One to two times a week in the gym is not enough. So why not fit something in whenever you can? I’ve decided to load up my car with the essentials, depending on the week. My new favorites (besides dancing) happen to be two sunny sports: tennis and golf. For example, if I have an hour midday break I can sneak in a gym workout. If I am driving home a little early before sunset, I stop at a golf range and hit some balls (very liberating and meditative at the same time). Hiking shoes are definitely a must in case I need to run up a mountain and scream (or just pause for reflection).  And I’m ready in case a friend invites me to be challenged by a tennis ball machine or just to smack some balls across the court. Don’t forget the gym tote bag: shower essentials, padlock and workout outfit for those times I need to strengthen up and break a sweat! Short Bursts of Exercise Releases Tension and Clears the Mind. I consider this a strategy and an emergency kit for much needed periods of physical and mental stress release. Often we get so wrapped up in our daily grind and dwell on today’s drama or our to do lists during the drive home.  Before we know it, homebound: dinner, bathe the kids, clean dishes and bed. And the next day repeats this one. Then months later, we’re whining we’re not swimsuit ready. Just get creative. Change it up. Try new things! So, if you have to immediately pick up the kids from school or daycare and after work is not an option, consider a weekend intervention or lunchtime. Or in the evenings, instead of sitting in the soccer stands watching your kid run around, why not walk or jog around the track or hit some tennis balls in the adjacent court? After all, you were probably sitting all day at your desk! I originally just had a yoga mat and ballroom shoes in the car. Now I have more choices in order to add variety to my activities and do my part to reduce the risk factors leading to heart disease, cancer and other serious illnesses. Changing Gears Stimulates the Brain. It’s actually fun to be spontaneous with exercise! It challenges and improves different pathways in the brain when you learn a new sport or activity (tennis and golf, definitely!)  So suit up your vehicle with essentials for short bursts of fun and watch yourself transform into a happier, vibrant and more agile you!  Of course a golf shirt on board is essential due to dress code requirements. So, what’s in YOUR trunk? Dr. Melanie    

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