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Your New Year doesn’t have to start January 1st, unless…

Unless you were born on January 1st, consider a “New Year” one that begins on your birth date, not so much on New Year’s Day.  Why not celebrate the accomplishment of “X” number of years you’ve experienced, shared and loved and celebrate the new one about to begin? The mounting of a new desk calendar, […]

Take Yourself Out! Discovering yourself in your own city.

I recently felt the urge to really discover the city in which I live….ok I’ve been here over 10 years so yes, it’s about time! Phoenix winters allow us more outdoor social opportunities, not to mention patio dining with sunglasses and short sleeves some days! Today the temperatures were in the low 60’s (chilly for […]

Welcome to the Naked Truth!

Welcome to my Naked Truth blog! So, why call this website and blog the Naked Truth by Dr. Melanie? For the longest time, I struggled to find just the right title that exemplifies what I am about and the message I want to relay to my readers. My passion is rooted in helping people regain […]