Bonus: Brain-Gut Series. Listen to Your Gut.

A Special Note from Me
It seems appropriate for me to close out this year by sharing something I feel is so important in personal growth, health and happiness. It’s a fascinating ability which unlike animals, we tend to ignore and overlook because we are so busy being busy. In the midst of this chaotic end of year period- budget deadlines, sales quotas, holiday rush or whatever consumes you , I hope you take some time to unplug, retreat and tap into your inner wisdom and strength.  This can be invaluable in helping you move forward in the New Year. Please take a moment to read this article with an open mind and if you agree, please share it through your social media accounts.

Thank you to all you, my friends and readers who follow this blog and share my content. Your support means so much and encourages me to keep writing. Just as I encourage you, I will be retreating as I do periodically, to re-create, re-evaluate and return as a better version of myself to better serve my purpose. I wish you a safe and happy transition to 2017. Be true to yourself and live authentically.

With love and kindness,
Dr. Melanie

Your Gut is Speaking to You. Listen
It’s true. Your best friend or mother may have given you this advice. It could’ve been when you struggled with an issue or reached a fork in the road. Maybe a long time battle within yourself finally got the best of you and it was time to make it or break it. Maybe you are there now. And maybe this year end period is bringing necessary and perhaps some painful closures in order to open doors for a positive new beginning!

You may have heard your gut is your “second brain”; mostly because it controls a good part of your health by sending signals to the brain. It is also the home to numerous neurotransmitters. If you read my Brain-Gut series, you can see how strongly this relationship influences your health.  Why is it that when we hear bad news, all of a sudden our back pain intensifies or returns? Or our irritable bowel issues or gastric reflux flares up?

Wikipedia defines it as the “ability to acquire knowledge without proof, evidence or conscious reasoning, or without understanding how the knowledge was acquired”. We all have intuition. Some people use it more than others. Some have developed it and used it for personal and professional success.  Steve Jobs for example, referred to intuition as “more powerful than intellect”.  Unconscious reasoning has been dismissed as unscientific because of its links to the psychic realm and paranormal. Hmmm. Well, I agree good psychics and clairvoyants are gifted with an exceptional intuition.  However, I came across a New York Times article regarding the US Navy investigating how the military can be trained to use their sixth sense or intuition during combat or other missions. It’s clear everyone has an intuition. Our ability depends on how well we tap into it.

Intuitions can trigger a physical sensation.  This may be a signal about a condition you may have or a condition of a loved one.  Some people can sense challenges in other people through their own bodily symptoms or pains.  I always thought this was way out there but having recent personal experience with this, I have been forced to listen even closer to my body.  Just as many other healing practitioners I need to make it a regular practice of clearing and self-care in order to balance myself and continue my work helping others.

If it doesn’t feel right, it isn’t.
In the past few years I have gained an increased awareness and appreciation for the human intuition. I’ve learned the hard way about ignoring my instincts. I was seeing what I wanted to see in a situation instead of listening to my gut. It’s easy to sweep something under the rug just because it doesn’t feel right. Maybe some of us resist taking off the rose colored glasses because life looks so good with them on.  Or we’re afraid to confront an issue and “rock the boat”.  Before the stage of unspoken words, a disappearance or financial fallout for example, your intuition already kicked in.

Being in nature. One way to clear the mind.

As we move into the New Year both good and not so good emotions may arise from reflecting and re-evaluating.  Now is an ideal time to step back and listen. Listen to you. What is your gut telling you?  If you are struggling with tapping into your intuition, you probably need to stop, slow down and breathe. I mean really breathe…slower!  Explore nature or a creative hobby. Practice a time out to get centered and clear your mind. (Read my strategies to clear the busy brain) Be observant and pay attention to signals both in your dreams and daily events. An easy to follow e-guide on how to quiet and clear the mind will be available soon. This will be a good tool to help you tap into your second brain.  Remember the gut-brain connection isn’t strictly a physical one. This is yet another reason why it’s important to listen to your body and specifically, to your gut.

Look out for my upcoming article on New Year’s Resolution Burnout and Easy Ways to Prevent it.

Dr. M

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