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Rediscovering Inner Peace: A Gift From My Father

Rediscovering Inner Peace. A Gift From My Father.     While cleaning out my house the other day, I stumbled across something that triggered a deep-seated fond memory of my father.  When I was a young teenager he and I had a special father-daughter trip to an indoor flea market on Sundays in Toronto. On one […]

Bonus: Brain-Gut Series. Listen to Your Gut.

A Special Note from Me It seems appropriate for me to close out this year by sharing something I feel is so important in personal growth, health and happiness. It’s a fascinating ability which unlike animals, we tend to ignore and overlook because we are so busy being busy. In the midst of this chaotic […]

Stressed? Wired? Try this Ancient Breathing Technique for Better Health.

Ok. Unless you live off the grid or you chose to crawl into your cave recently, the holiday season IS here.  And this comes with more demands, festive obligations, end of year deadlines ….  need I say more?  Even the fun part of it comes with stress: finding that perfect dress for the office party, finding […]

“Dear Brain, Please shut down for a while!” 5 preparation steps to quiet your mind.

I talked about my personal experience with meditation in my last blogpost.  Now I share with you a few tips that have helped me get into a routine of quieting my mind, getting centered and re-connecting with myself every day. Here’s my checklist for getting into a meditative groove!   Set your time on a […]

A Restless Mind Learns How to Meditate.

I thought I was meditating every time I planted myself by my backyard fountain to force a quiet moment in my head. I was actually just thinking…. of everything.  I would seriously tell myself ‘I’m meditating” and then I would go through my to do list in my head. A few times I was tempted […]

Downward Dog…. with Dog!

I’m no yogini but I love a good stretch and I try to practice the art of just being, even if I have just two minutes in a day!  How often do we actually stop the spin cycle in our minds as we plummet through our daily grind? I’m guilty myself.. a typical Type A, needing to get […]