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The Organ Purge: It’s Not Just a Colon Thing! (Part 2 of 4)

[et_pb_section admin_label=”section”] [et_pb_row admin_label=”row”] [et_pb_column type=”4_4″] [et_pb_text admin_label=”Text”] Ok, get ready! This may be the longest of the four part series. (You will want to read this one to the end.) I couldn’t help myself.  And this is the short version. Stay tuned for the eBook- it’s in draft now! In my last blog article […]

Detox is a Dirty Word! (Part 1 of 4)

Detox is a Dirty Word. Is it? Perhaps when you think of what comes out of your body during detoxification, or how you can feel during a detox. I’m going to shed some clarity on this process and share my tips on how you can re-create a healthier you on all levels. Here it is! My […]

Tune Up your Brain and Energy for Successful New Year’s Resolutions!

(A shorter version of this article was published in Green Living AZ Magazine, January 2017. Visit to order your subscription!) Everyone is busy being busy year round. However January 1st seems to trigger a knee jerk reaction to stop for a few and put pen to paper. Most of us end up listing the […]

Part 5 of 5: Exercise and the Brain-Gut Axis

With the exception of an upcoming bonus article, this is the last of my Brain-Gut series.  This 5 part blog series is a reflection of my personal emphasis on optimal brain function.  And brain health evaluation is incorporated in my practice, both chiropractic and lifestyle/Ayurveda. I thought my family was immune to dementia, until I […]

Part 4 of 5: The Thyroid and the Brain-Gut Axis

Thyroid conditions get a lot of attention lately. In the last several years I’ve had more patients come to me with a diagnosed or suspected thyroid condition, most of them complaining of fatigue, weight gain or digestive issues, sometimes all three. Sometimes the complaint list is longer. This segment of the 5 part series on […]

Part 3 of 5: Depression and the Brain-Gut Axis

I try not to talk about depressing things. My intention is to motivate and empower you towards living a positive life with authenticity. However, being that I am sharing with you the full gamete of syndromes affected by the brain-gut relationship, I can’t avoid this serious topic. Depression is very real and is currently one […]

Part 2 of 5: Can’t Sleep? Your Brain, Your Gut and the Curse of Sleep Deprivation!

Last week I gave you an overview of how the gut (colon) affects the brain and vice versa. Keeping a clean, complete diet and lifestyle contributes to a healthier colon and as a result, reduces the toxic load on the rest of your body (I’m talking about circulation of toxins and brain contamination). So, if […]

Part 1 of 5: The Brain-Gut Series. Sad? Overwhelmed? Forgetful? Anxious? Look at your Gut!

Feeling sad for no reason? Feeling overwhelmed with ideas to manage? Have you lost your enthusiasm for favorite activities? Have you lost some enjoyment in friendships and relationships? Restless mind? (Most of us have this.) Feeling guilty about everyday decisions? Brain farts? (Some laugh about this but it IS a serious issue) How about anger? […]

Practice Safe Skin…..Here’s What to do to Prevent Burns and Wrinkles!

When I moved to Arizona several years ago from the humid East Coast, I noticed had to put more effort into my skin regimen.  “It’s a dry heat!”  Yes, I know; better hair days here however, dry or moist (I believe dry is worse) the sun’s rays on your face can suck the youth right […]

Rehydration Strategies in the Summer Heat!

Well, the heat is on, at least in Arizona. Not only am I feeling the 115 degree burn, I am seeing the toll it is taking on those around me, including patients. So if you are located in my region north of the equator, it’s certainly coming with a vengeance and these tips may help […]