Welcome to the Naked Truth!

Welcome to my Naked Truth blog!CR_Hot springs_Fall 2012

So, why call this website and blog the Naked Truth by Dr. Melanie? For the longest time, I struggled to find just the right title that exemplifies what I am about and the message I want to relay to my readers. My passion is rooted in helping people regain their health and regain their lives by natural means. I originally named it ask.drmelanie.com but I wanted this to be portrayed as more than just a Q&A website. (For goodness sake, we already have enough of those on the internet)

Naked = Pure. Unadulterated. Raw. Unseasoned. Just how it’s meant to be in nature.

I will give it to you straight. I will tell it like it is.  I’ll find the best resources and tools. I’ll share some personal strategies that kept me from buckling under the wrath of stress!

This will be fun, informative, inspiring, and empowering to help you activate your own revolution!

I don’t sugarcoat things (remember, this is the naked truth). That would be a disservice to you the reader or you, my patient.  I’m not militant about protocol. But, I am ambitious. I’m all about results.  I do get excited when I see the possibilities for a healthy, more vibrant life… especially when patients who are sitting in front of me are depressed, low in energy, ready to throw in the towel because they “tried everything and nothing worked!” Sound like you? They rarely see that they have the power to change their life around. So igniting that little flame of hope with a constant dose of healthy knowledge, wisdom, and encouragement is the recipe for a good start!

I invite you to follow my blog, eat up as many resources I will provide you. But please digest them and use them to fuel your journey to a better life! Nothing gives me more satisfaction than to see someone use their knowledge to shift their way of thinking and live in a positive vibe, long term!

So, here’s my disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor. I am not your doctor (well, unless you actually are in my practice). ALL the information on this website is not to be intended nor construed as medical advice. You are encouraged to consult with your own physician before implementing any tips, strategies, protocols, or ideas. That’s it!

I invite you to join me on this ride. And please share this with those you love.

Dr. Melanie

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