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The “New” is NOT Normal

Do any of these sound familiar? They Counted Seven Cases for one Individual. Why I Refuse to Shop at Sprouts. County and City Proclamations allow medical exemptions for those of us who cannot wear a face covering. However, there are businesses like Sprouts Farmers Markets that do not allow these individuals to continue a normal […]

Got Love on the Brain?

The impact of your brain health on love and performance. What’s Love Got to Do With It? Well, Tina Turner says it well: It’s a second-hand emotion.   Second hand? Or secondary to what?  Love certainly has an effect on our brain and body.  When we are in love, we feel energized. Our physical symptoms are minimized. We’re […]

So Much Time and So Much Happened.

“It’s about time I post an update!” (Read through and watch the demo video!) I know I didn’t post in October! I’m in the process of getting caught up from a very busy summer that well, didn’t quite go smoothly. In fact it stunted my productivity. Due to a gradual recovery from frozen shoulder and […]

Read the Nails with Ayurveda!… My Natural DIY Protocol After That Toxic Manicure!

Do You Know the Signs? Before you book your next mani-pedi or apply your own polish, take a good look at your nails, all twenty of them. Fingernails and toenails can give us strong indications that something could be wrong internally. So, if you are constantly covering them up with gloss, gels, acrylics etc, you […]

Are You Letting Life Pass You By?

It’s Only July. Make the Second Half Your Better Half. I was walking down the streets of Obidos in Portugal last year when I was captivated by this sweet golden staring out of his parents’ window. He looked like he was missing out on playtime, longing to run the stone paths that circled this little quaint […]

Throwing in the Towel…

Throwing in the towel, an expression that comes from boxing, in which a fighter indicates surrender by throwing his towel into the ring. Many of us use that expression when the going gets too tough but often we also “throw in the towel” with bitterness and frustration. That’s fine! Sometimes it takes enough frustration and […]


One thing I’m not fond of when it comes to travel is packing. Packing this light, squeezing all necessities into a carry on suitcase and shoulder bag for a two week overseas trip initially seemed ludicrous! My friends and I were moving around Italy every two days so we decided checked baggage (or as they […]

Are You Having a Mid Year Crisis??

Ok. July is coming to a close.  This means we are well into the second half of the year. Many of you, like me, use the halfway mark to do a self-check to see how you’re doing.  For some of us, it’s a brutal reality check when we discover where we slacked off or in what […]

Are you taking a breath? Or catching your breath?

There’s a difference. Taking a breath involves consciously taking in air, filling your lungs using your diaphragm, the flat dome shaped muscle between your chest cavity and stomach cavity. This is also known as diaphragmatic breathing or belly breathing. Catching your breath, on the other hand, mostly happens when we’re stressed, pushing our limits with adrenaline […]

What’s Behind a Text?

Photo of a wallaby patiently posing while I sent one last text. Featherdale Zoo, Sydney, Australia  So What’s Really behind a text? Well, there are times when I say “Who the hell knows??”  It’s amazing in this digital age how many of us rely on texting as our primary mode of communication. Our tendency to multi task […]