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Settling for a Short Term Fix

I know in my last blogpost I said I would follow up with an article about safe skin care for the summer.  It is in the works.  But a culmination of experiences talking with people, patients and friends as well as stepping back and observing what goes on around me lately, inspired me to talk […]

Are you taking a breath? Or catching your breath?

There’s a difference. Taking a breath involves consciously taking in air, filling your lungs using your diaphragm, the flat dome shaped muscle between your chest cavity and stomach cavity. This is also known as diaphragmatic breathing or belly breathing. Catching your breath, on the other hand, mostly happens when we’re stressed, pushing our limits with adrenaline […]

Defending the Case for Eating CLEAN.

We all have our own reasons for the choices we make. Sometimes we make decisions that simply make us feel good. One of my strategies for good health is eating clean. It’s a no brainer. Eating healthy is a universal message broadcasted through every media channel, discussion group and health seminar. Eating healthy is a […]