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Put yourself in a “time out”.

We put our kids into a time out when they misbehave.  In many cases, their short isolation period or restraint from doing anything, watching anything, saying anything forces them to wind down a little and pacify their speedy little adrenaline rushes. So, why not us?  A time out from our auto-pilot mania of the daily […]

Defending the Case for Eating CLEAN.

We all have our own reasons for the choices we make. Sometimes we make decisions that simply make us feel good. One of my strategies for good health is eating clean. It’s a no brainer. Eating healthy is a universal message broadcasted through every media channel, discussion group and health seminar. Eating healthy is a […]

Setting your Intention and Making it Happen!

Mind over Matter…. Have you ever wanted to do something for so long but you never made the time for it? And it could be something many of your friends do without blinking an eye like, oh I don’t know…jogging a mile? Running a half marathon, for example? I’ve been an active person all my […]

“Dear Brain, Please shut down for a while!” 5 preparation steps to quiet your mind.

I talked about my personal experience with meditation in my last blogpost.  Now I share with you a few tips that have helped me get into a routine of quieting my mind, getting centered and re-connecting with myself every day. Here’s my checklist for getting into a meditative groove!   Set your time on a […]